Hi There,

Welcome to the last blog of the semester, this week I will be discussing our major video project of the semester.

For this semester we have been looking at all ranges of social media tactics and their use in PR. Our client for the semester has been The GC Strip. They are a website which basically gives you the “best of the Gold Coast.” From accommodation, to cafes, coffees, beaches and transport, The GC Strip has the information. However the site is still in construction so there are a few missing links, which hopefully will now be able to be filled by our content. Our task was to use video to tell a visual story about somewhere on the Gold Coast strip. We also had to create a business report/recommendation for social media tactics to be used in order to engage people and promote a business.

My group decided to promote coffee in Burleigh for our video. This seemed like an obvious choice as coffee is a drink for everyone and with the beautiful backdrop of Burleigh beach it doesn’t get much better. Our video consists of three coffee shops (Canteen Coffee, Globe Café and Nook Espresso.) These were 3 of the best that we visited during the filming process and as we only had 90 seconds we decided that 3 businesses was plenty.

Our recommendation was about general coffee businesses in the Burleigh area. This showed what coffee businesses could do using Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves and be recognised as Burleigh’s best coffee. These platforms were the most appropriate and easiest to be able create a cross over of content, whilst still engaging discussion and sharing amongst customers.

So check out our video and The GC Strip for an insight into the Gold Coast’s best!

Thanks for hanging out with me for the semester and making it through all my musings about social media tactics.

Signing off,


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