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This week we will be covering crisis communication and reputation management.

Crisis communication is an essential plan to have in place for any organisation. The idea of crisis communication is to minimise brand reputation in the event of an issue. A brand should come out of a crisis with the goal to rebuild the organisation to a stronger position.

Social media can be both a hindrance and a blessing in either causing or solving crises. For example: the pizza company viral video which was not discovered by management until 2 days after it was uploaded. This was a case where social media created a crisis. In terms of being a blessing of crises, the red cross rogue tweet, was handled effectively and gain traction through the hashtag and ended up being picked up by other companies who ended up donating money to the red cross. Both of these cases could also be looked at in terms of reputation management, from the outset both issues could have potentially ended badly. But due to the management of the crisis team at Red Cross, the outcome was good.

Reputation management is essential for any business with an online presence as anything can now be shared across the world in a matter of seconds. A bad review can gain traction, and a disgruntle customer can influence hundreds to thousands of people with one angry facebook post. Social media managers need to have a crisis and reputational management plan in place to be able to quickly and effectively handle any threatening situation.

For Forbes’ top 10 tips to manage reputation and crisis communication read this article by Ekaterina Walker.

For information about how to use difference social media platforms to your advantage in reputational management read this article by Salman Aslam.

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