Hi there,

This week we will be talking about social media management and policies.

So, social media management and policies… Why are they important?
They are important as your website and your social media can now be viewed and shared around the world within seconds. So you don’t want to have a mistake or defamation issue spread in a split second, s this could ruin your businesses reputation.

You’ve seen them, the politician tweets that really shouldn’t have been tweeted, the employee ranting about the boss, the employee getting caught out when they aren’t actually sick and those rogue hash-tagged tweets from an intern on the Red Cross account. This is why you need a management team and a policy for your workplace.

I don’t believe that workplaces or businesses should ban Facebook, but I do believe they need to have a policy to cover what their employees can post whilst they are at work. Not only this, but to cover defamation and cyber bullying.

Social media management for businesses should be a team effort. All content should be checked regularly as now people can post back to companies and companies can get into trouble for these comments as well. It also makes good business sense not to keep the customers waiting.

Policies and management of social media are essential as these tools are now a part and an extension of the businesses reputation, which needs to be monitored and correct.

The best article I found on this was written by Iyla Pozin and it talks about the problems and benefits of allowing social media in the workplace.

Til next week,


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