Hey There,

And early blog this week because I’m away on Monday.

This week we will be talking about Google+ and Linked In.

Now I will be focusing on Linked in as I’m not quite sure how Google+ works. However, I did find this article by Blaise Lucey about why PR should take on board the use of Google+.

Linked In was a pretty foreign concept to me until I started uni and everyone keep asking about my profile. It took a while to get all the information onto the profile, but it’s definitely worth it. I can now connect with people in the industry, lecturers and peers. And it’s much easier to update than a resume.

The best thing about Linked In is that you can look up professionals in your field, or others and contact them in a more professional way rather than through Facebook. Linked In profiles often have contact details which gives another way to get in touch with people. I know personally I find it a good tool in getting to know someone’s work history and skills they may have which I can then base a conversation on.

I liked this article on PR in your Pajamas about how to use Linked In in a PR sense.

Til next week,


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