Hi there,

Welcome to photosharing week!! My favourite kind of week. This week I will be focusing on instagram as I’m not too familiar with Pinterest.

A picture is worth 1000 words and with the 60 million photos that are uploaded every day to instagram the need for words is becoming smaller.

Instagram is a great tool and even though I was late to adopt the trend I am glad that I have. Personally I follow my friends and celebrities who happen to be in current news. I find that many celebrities not only give you an insight into their lives, but they also use it as a marketing tool for themselves. For example: the Kardashian-West wedding. We were given previews throughout the week of what was happening in their lives but the day of the wedding it was a lot of smaller and paparazzi accounts blowing up with photos of wedding guests and eventually the first wedding kiss.

Instagram is easy and quick. You can tag photos to make sure people see your post and get likes on it. There are many competitions and PR campaigns run on the photosharing platform, many of which you have to like and repost and tag the company in the photo. This shares the photo further and further and makes the business name aware to new groups of people everyday. I find that many of my friends regularly enter into competitions on instagram where this reposting occurs. One that reoccurs often is the princesspollyboutique instagram competitions, where you can win clothing to a certain value. However I have noticed that princesspollyboutique also regularly posts their clothes to have a type of ‘catalogue’ and they also post discount codes to use on their website. I think it is effective for their business as they are targeting young girls who generally have access to instagram and by using this platform they are regularly reminding customers that they have clothing for sale. 

Kevin Allen wrote this article on the use of instagram for crisis communication, with the main principles being that instagram is quick, gets to the interest party and most of all tells a quick story.

Til next week,



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