Hello there,

This week we will be talking that pesky microblogging platform of Twitter.

140 characters; it’s not many, but that’s what microblogging is all about.

Personally, on twitter I’m more inclined to follow and retweet rather than write my own tweets. However I am getting better at writing my own tweets.

Currently on twitter, I have 44 followers! But seriously follow me @Georginabayly1.

I use twitter as my go-to news site. I follow all different news companies and this allows me to get a wide range of stories from breaking news, to live blogs and fashion news. For example, I follow 7 & 9 News, Newcastle Herald and Cosmopolitan.  Not only the companies but also specific journalists, which then gives me contact with people in the industry in which I will be working in. I think it is a great tool to contact people who you wouldn’t normally be able to have a conversation with, plus as a journalist I can easily contact sources from all over the world.

I think twitter is a good platform for news, as news is always changing and it’s easy to follow developments through the twitter feed. It’s also quick as I get the essential facts in 140 characters or less. And of course it also has the function to link back to longer stories.

During the week I found this article by Brian R. Fitzgerald which states that people are using Facebook for news more than twitter, which went against how I thought twitter and Facebook were used.

Til next week,



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