Hello there,

Welcome to YouTube week, where I’ll be bringing you my favourite vlogs and some PR uses for YouTube.

As you saw in Blogging week, I enjoy a good vlogs for a bit of a laugh in particular Jenna Marbles and Daily Grace. There are plenty more out there, if you need help with how to do something for example hair and makeup, YouTube would be my go to site.

In terms of PR I think YouTube is a good tactic to engage the public, as it is more human than a Facebook page or a tweet. Being online and social is a gateway to finding new customers due to the ease of access. Plus young people are often online, and this could bring a new (or targeted) approach to YouTube.

You have control of what is published and it is quite a simple process to make a video. It can be done right at your computer or with your smartphone.

Your video has the chance to become viral, especially if you are launching a cool campaign. A video can be easily spread through other facets of social media too.

You are opening your business up to a new public as well, the online market. And you are easily able to see if your video is being watched.

Having a human face attached to a video plus making it fun and easy to watch, people will be more interested and then possibly spread your video further than just YouTube.

I found that Jamie Carracher wrote an interesting piece on using YouTube in a PR campaign and Chris Sturk wrote a very handy list for using YouTube for PR.

Till next week,



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