Hello there and welcome to my first proper blog posting.

This week I’ll be blogging about blogging, yes that’s right a whole post dedicated to the form it is written in.

Now, from a bloggers perspective I can’t say I know that much about blogging. I have friends who have shown me tumblr and I’ve used blogger before, but wordpress is new to me. So far I’m impressed, easy to set up and an easy posting system. However I do think blogger’s page manipulation is a bit easier and tumblr pages just look prettier, but that just comes down who is reblogging what, which I haven’t seen much of on wordpress blogs.

I like to think blogs are short and sweet and don’t get too content heavy, but I’m assuming there are some people who like long form blogs. That’s not me. Short, sweet and mildly assuming so that I can procrastinate my uni work what I look for in a blog.

Blogs that I frequent include:

Jenna Marbleshttp://jennamarblesblog.com


Daily Gracehttps://www.youtube.com/user/dailygrace

And a more serious in nature, yet still short and sweet:

Humans of New Yorkhttp://www.humansofnewyork.com

I also visit http://www.buzzfeed.com on a daily basis and I follow fashion magazines  (Elle, Cosmo, Harpers) on twitter and Facebook, which links me back to their main webpages, which I suppose could be called blogs.

Blogging to me seems to be growing in terms of the way people are using it, e.g.) people are now using blogs as their portable resume. But I think most people would use blogs as an online diary of their life and adventures and I’m sure people just use them as an artistic outlet. Pictures, text, video, audio; you can really show the world any side of you in a blog.

Till next week,



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